Brian James Trailers recently posted on their website some useful things to consider when looking for a commercial trailer. See below:

Brian James Trailers started out designing and manufacturing trailers for car transportation and motorsport, but for many years they’ve been producing a wide range of plant, flatbed, tippers and general-purpose trailers. These trailers come in different lengths, widths and load capacities as well as offering many different options. So how best to choose the right trailer? Here are some things to consider:

What do you want to tow?

If you know what you want to tow, then it’s relatively straightforward. For example, if it’s a mini-digger or chipper, you will know their weight and dimensions and can choose accordingly. The Digger Plant is the ‘go to’ trailer for mini diggers but the General Plant has greater flexibility and configurability. The Eco Plant has a beaver tail so is well suited for low ground clearance machinery such as access platforms.

How big or heavy a load?
If you know the size and weight of the load, then you can choose a trailer accordingly. Some trailers are available in single, twin and tri-axle variants as well as different lengths and widths. Many of our trailers are configurable with different options and these will affect the weight of the trailer and consequently the maximum load. Fortunately, the website configurator takes this into account and updates the load capacity based on selected options.

Need flexibility?
Many people need a trailer that offers flexibility. That’s where the configurability of our trailers allows you to create a trailer that’s right for you. For example, our Connect range starts as a flatbed trailer but with the addition of high sides, can be used to carry a wide range of loose materials. Optional winches, ramps and hydraulic tilt beds enable easy loading as well as vehicle transport.

What tow vehicle will be used?
If your tow vehicle has a towing capability of less than 3500Kg, you will need to select a trailer with a gross weight that reflects this. For maximum flexibility, a tow vehicle with a capability of 3500Kg will give you the most choice.

Where will it be used?
If you are using a trailer in a city, then big isn’t necessarily beautiful! So, the Compact might be more suitable than the Connect. If towing on rough ground, larger 13in wheels may be more appropriate. If a low bed height is important, then 10in wheels are probably the answer. If you regularly need to empty a trailer of brush or loose materials, then a Tipper is the answer. The Tipper is also highly configurable with options for high sides and ramps as well as being available in different sizes.

Finding out more
Hopefully this is helpful, but if you are looking for a Brian James Trailer, please get in touch with us direct as we will be able to give you one to on advice.