Open car transporters are what Brian James Trailers first started making and over the years we have been able to develop a range of class leading products. Whether you move cars for a living or have a track car, rally or classic car, there’s a Brian James Trailer to meet your needs.

T Transporter - Professional Car Trailer

A big trailer available in 3 lengths and 3 widths aimed at professionals and widely acknowledged as being ‘best in class’. Unlike A Transporter, C Transporter and Car Hauler, the wheels are under the bed of the trailer providing a  wider bed meaning wider cars can be carried.

The T Transporter is available with a full-width tail panel or ramps and a tilt bed can be fitted with either loading option. In addition, 1.8m ramps can be used for front cross over to a towing car transporter.

A choice of bodywork colours and wheel options means the look can be customised and a wide range of options means the trailer can be tailored to make life as easy as possible.

Key Facts
  • 2 or 3 axles / 3 widths / 3 lengths
  • Up to 2,600 max load capacity / 3,500Kg Gross capacity

A Transporter

A premium small and medium sized car transporter favoured by motorsports and commercial users who aren’t carrying large, heavy vehicles.

Features include ‘glide-out’ punched ramps, located underneath the runway. Centre decking is standard, along with a front under-deck storage tray.

Choice of bodywork colours, storage box colours and three different wheel variations mean that the look of the trailer is highly customisable and looks stylish whichever colour theme is chosen.

Key Facts
  • 1 or 2 axles / 3 widths / 5 lengths
  • Up to 2,295Kg load capacity / Up to 3,000Kg Max Gross capacity