The Brian James Trailers Connect range is, on the one hand an out and out flatbed, but by using the Click & Connect system, side panels or a ladder rack as well as other options can easily be added or removed to create a truly versatile trailer.


Configurable flatbed trailer

  • A highly adaptable trailer that can also be used as a professional standard car transporter or as a traditional flat-bed trailer with dropsides
  • Dropsides and side extensions are a unique design for BJT, clicking and unclicking with ease. The drop-sides are particularly convenient as there are no bolts, so no spanners required to remove sides or posts.
  • Only available as 3,500kg gross so it’s a heavy-duty trailer, but extremely flexible usage.
Key Facts
  • 2 or 3 axles / 2 widths / 5 lengths
  • Up to 3,500Kg Gross capacity / Up to 2,725Kg load capacity

General Plant

  • Highly configurable product which can span the multi-purpose and plant trailer categories
  • Click and Connect enables side and front panels to be easily installed and removed on the job
  • Available as a tilt-bed for ultra-low loading angles.
  • Adjustable ramps at the rear allow for some overhang between the ramps and save weight compared to a full width tail panel.
Key Facts
  • Twin or tri-axle / 3 widths / 4 lengths
  • Up to 3,500Kg Gross capacity / Up to 2,770Kg max load capacity


The Tipper is a really versatile trailer; as well as tipping it can also be used to carry most construction and ground care equipment. Available with side extensions that are easy and quick to install and remove using the BJT ‘Click and Connect’ system.

Key Facts
  • 2 or 3 axles / 3 widths / 4 lengths
  • Up to 3,500Kg Gross capacity / Up to 2,500Kg load capacity